Welcome to Bitsy Box!

Driven by years of scientific research and stemming from our belief that children need the capacity to develop their skills and stimulate their senses, we established “Bitsy Box”. We sought to wrap learning within play, so the idea developed to offer a hands-on experience for kids to unbox their senses and enhance their play and motor skills. Bitsy Box enriches our children’s developmental years by offering them the chance to create their own themed sensory boxes.

At Bitsy Box, we believe that children have a holistic set of skills and talents. Thus, we developed our boxes to revolve around different themes, in a sense that each box and its content represent a distinct theme. Our boxes tackle a specific aspect of the child’s skills and developmental capacity. The boxes’ materials are chosen carefully to especially stimulate the child’s senses, to trigger their curiosity towards learning and exploring, through a hands-on approach. With Bitsy Box, children can unleash their creativity, imagination, and explore their surroundings in a way our current environment does not provide the capacity for. With Bitsy Box, learning and play are inseparable. With Bitsy Box, it is bits of play and bits of learning. Join us and unbox your child’s senses and skills.