About us

There is no doubt that children are naturally talented, and their capabilities are limitless. Well, that is in fact dependent on their developmental path and the skills they acquire. We established Bitsy Box on the basis that our children require the capacity to explore their skills and senses. Thus, we developed our themed boxes aiming at stimulating their senses through hands-on developmental activities.

Our Mission

At Bitsy Box, we strongly believe in the importance of play for children’s overall development. Thus, it is essential for children to be given the necessary opportunities to sharpen their senses through play. Consequently, we developed our boxes to provide kids with a unique experience to explore their senses and skill set through a hands-on play, as they create their own themed sensory boxes. Our mission is to put the children’s sensory development as our priority, and with that, our children can sense their own creativity in a way they would not otherwise ordinarily do.

Our Boxes

The moment the child receives their box, designed especially to capture their attention, they immediately become curious to unbox it and discover its content. When the child opens up their box, they will find a variety of materials developed and collected for the child to explore hands-on.

As the child curiously looks through the content, they will begin to unleash their skills and get in touch with their senses. After that, they will try to put things together in many different ways. With that, they will free their thoughts as they stimulate their senses and explore their skills at an early age.

We believe that children have the capacity to develop their holistic senses simultaneously, which motivated us to design our boxes to include different themes. Moreover, the content found in each box relate to that specific theme. The idea is to widen the child’s imagination and motivate them to unleash their creativity and skills, as they explore the thematic content hands-on.

Variety is undoubtedly essential, so is consistency. Thus all thematic boxes have one thing in common, and that common item is theme-related filler. In addition to the filler, the child can find a theme-related book aimed to familiarize the child with the content and their potential functions amongst other things. The child will also find one handmade activity as well as an art project such as drawing, painting, coloring, and so forth. These items are selected purposefully, after careful research and under the supervision of an early childhood specialist, to improve the child’s fine motor skills such as handwriting, and to stimulate their creativity. All of which will enhance the child’s self-confidence, capacity to concentrate, and problem solving skills.

Ultimately, the boxes facilitate and encourage an essential kind of play, Sensory Play, which is absolutely integral for children’s development. Amongst Sensory Play’s benefits, it actively helps the child to develop their cognitive, linguistic, fine motor, and social skills. Therefore, the child can grow up more intelligent and values family dearly.

Brand Name

Branding our idea took a lot of thought, and we finally came up with the name Bitsy Box; inspired by the song “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Then, as our product entails bits of play and bits of learning in a box, we decided on Bitsy Box; “bits in a box”.
Since our prime target is children, the name had to be catchy. Bitsy Box has an appealing musical sense to it, and it is a phrase that can be easily picked up by children. It has both the rhythm and the rhyme, one thing that all children love.