Meet the founders

Driven by unique expertise and motivated by entrepreneurial work ethic, Bitsy Box was founded by two young female entrepreneurs: 28-year-old Huda Al-Sharif and 28-year-old Rawan Al Adwan.


Huda Al-Sharif


Huda Al-Sharif graduated from the University of Jordan with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied English. Not only is Huda a mother herself, but she also has practical experience in Early Childhood which was enriched upon working in a preschool and closely dealing with children. This combination motivated Huda and widened her scope of expertise to new fields, precisely Early Childhood Development, which motivated her to dedicate her efforts towards contributing to the development of our precious children to grow into responsible and intelligent individuals as well as enjoy their early developmental years.
In addition to that, Huda has an experience in Monitoring and Evaluation enriched by her time at USAID. With that, Huda concentrated on assessing and improving the performance and capacity of various projects, culminating in her very own Bitsy Box.


Rawan Al-Adwan


Rawan Al-Adwan is a graduate of the University of Jordan with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information System. Al-Adwan demonstrated a wide variety of expertise in Business Development, Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources. Additionally, Rawan has experience in teaching and quality assurance.
Rawan employs her rich experience into bringing many business opportunities to Bitsy Box. Rawan is, in fact, highly involved at Bitsy Box’s operations, more specifically, she plays a central role in the development of the boxes. Moreover, she creates Bitsy Box’s marketing strategies, and she negotiates and closes the deals.
Rawan is known for being an impressively organized person, thus she is the glue that keeps everything flowing, especially with her creativity and insightful ideas.